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MARCH 2015: Texture set revamped! Old texture set in sub-folder.
2D Pixel Tileset – Pixel art tileset with 200+ prefabs, ready to use!
2D Pixel Tileset is the 2D version of the 3D Pixel Tiles pack. 2DPT contains over 200+ tile and object prefabs. Kickstart your game and level design with these old-school, performance friendly assets.
The pack uses a single tileset texture for the main assets, making it highly customizable. Want to modify the assets to your own style, or just alter the color palette? Just change the tileset .PSD!
Please note: Read the included instruction documents located in the main, Scene and Extras folders.

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List of features:
* Main prefab assets use a single tileset texture file. (288×1024)
– Ground tiles at 32×32 pixels, larger objects are multiples of 32.
– Optional shadows prefabs/tileset included. Use the shadow tiles to give your map more depth!
* Includes scene and scripts from the Web Player Demo.
– Scripts include: Simple top-down player and automatic sprite sorting script for decorational objects.
– Includes sample TagManager.asset and instructions for getting the sprite sorting to work.
* 3 landscape sets: Grasslands, Desert and Snowy.
– 3 wall sets: Dirt, Cliff and Sandstone.
– Includes ground and wall tiles with and w/o background.
* Decorational objects, including:
– 3 Bushes – Bare, Leaf and Snowy.
– Animated, 3-frame water tiles.
– Ice Ground tiles.
– 4 trees – Grasslands tree and Pine tree; regular and snowy.
– 4 cacti – Large and small; with and without flowers.
– 6 plants – Green, red flower, yellow flower, blue flower, snowy and desert.
– 12 rocks – Large, medium, small; Regular, mossy, snowy and desert.
– 2 road tile sets – Dirt road and Brick road.

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