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World Creator Standard – Free Download

World Creator Standard – Free Download

World Creator is a professional procedural terrain and landscape generator for creating lively, virtual 3D environments in games, movies and artwork.

With a powerful array of creative tools and improved efficiency, real-time editing in the viewport, randomized terrain generation, and more, World Creator makes terrain and landscape generation faster and more fun than ever before.

Generate any kind of terrain you can imagine. Hills, mountains, ridged mountains, terraces, canyons, moons, deserts, straight hills, plains, asteroid, sand dunes and many more. World Creator ships with many filters that can be applied and combined to create an unlimited range of possible terrain types. Each filter has multiple settings you can adjust, each affecting the resulting terrain. Those filters can be applied within a specified terrain height or terrain slope giving you full control during design process. ..

uSky 20 Beta uSkyPro – Free Download

uSky 20 Beta uSkyPro – Free Download

Upcoming uSky 2.0 has been rewritten and using new Precomputed Atmospheric Scattering algorithm. This new and accurate method to render the atmosphere in real time from any viewpoint from ground level to atmosphere level.

It reproduces many effects of the scattering: such as the daylight and twilight sky color and aerial perspective for all view and light directions, or the Earth and mountain shadows (Occlusion) inside the atmosphere.

User friendly gradient attributes allows manually color set up for sun, moon and ambient light color. All the gradient color will dynamically update at runtime.

Added new enhanced LightShaft image effects.

More update information will be announce in unity Forum

Standalone Build Demo Download

*Works with Unity5 Personal & Unity5 Pro

Shader Features
• iOS & Android support
• Gamma and Linear rendering
• Deferred & Forward shader paths
• Camera HDR and Tonemapping support
• No dx11 required and fully cross-platform
• VR support (Skybox and Clouds 2D only)
• Full source codes included!

uSky supports Unity 5 only
uSky works currently with perspective camera view only. ..

UMA Face Pack Vol. 1 version 2 – Free Download

UMA Face Pack Vol. 1 version 2 – Free Download

Unity 5.1.2 (UMA 2.0)

Pack Contains: Subsurface scattering face textures
Body re-texture
separate high resolution eyebrows (changeable)
slots and materials
DNA values
PBR versions
Legacy versions

10 Female
10 Male
(Both including Elf and Orc)
Male Old face overlay
Female old face overlay (All faces)

Compatible with Fernando’s High poly slots..

Time of Day – Free Download

Time of Day – Free Download

Time of Day is a package to render realistic dynamic sky domes with day and night cycle, realistic celestials, dynamic clouds and physically based atmospheric scattering.

– Physically based sky shading
– Rayleigh & Mie scattering
– Highly customizable
– Sun and moon god rays
– Aerial perspective

– Full PBR & HDR support
– Realtime ambient light
– Realtime reflections

– Physically based cloud shading
– Semi-volumetric cloud layers
– Dynamically batched cloud billboards
– Adjustable wind speed & direction
– Configurable coverage and shading
– Correctly projected cloud shadows

Time & Location:
– Dynamic day & night cycle
– Adjustable time progression curve
– Full longitude, latitude & time zone support
– Full Gregorian calendar support
– Realistic sun position
– Realistic moon position and phase
– Realistic star constellations..

Teddy Bear – Free Download

Teddy Bear – Free Download

One low poly animated Teddy bear with 7 skin textures, tshirt with 9 textures, a ribbon with 6 textures and a hat with 5 textures.
Resolution from 512×512 to 2048×2048.

Vertices / faces:
bear 1166/2198
tshirt 200/352
ribbon 98/192
hat 48/78

Humanoid avatar

21 prefabs and 21 prefabs with ragdolls

25 animations: idle1, idle2, idle3, idlesad, walk, run, jump, jumprun, clap, wave, sit, sitidle, standup, fall1, fall2, freefall, land, turnR45, turnR90, turnL45, turnL90, walkbackwards, runbackwards, runin, brake from 23 FBX files.
Rootmotion and inplace versions…

SSAO Pro – Free Download

SSAO Pro – Free Download

SSAO Pro offers a high-quality, stable and fast version of SSAO for Unity with added features like lighting contribution, distance cutoff with smooth falloff and occlusion color.

The SSAO effect (short for Screen-space ambient occlusion) approximates ambient occlusion in realtime. It relies on the depth and normals buffers to darkens creases, holes and surfaces that are close to each other. In real life, such areas tend to block out or occlude ambient light, hence they appear darker.

High Quality
Adds a whole new visual dimension to your scenes using a stable and powerful algorithm.

Multiple quality settings, downsampling levels, variable blur quality… Fine-tune the effect to your needs !

Wide or sharp radius, intensity, occlusion distance and color, distance falloff… Plenty of settings to tweak !

Full source code included.
Models & textures in screenshots and video by Manufactura K4 and Unity Technologies (not included in the package).

Mobile isn’t officially supported, use at your own risk!..

Playing Cards Pack – Free Download

Playing Cards Pack – Free Download

This package contains a complete set of playing cards. If you plan on creating a card game and you don’t want to waste time designing the cards, this package is for you.

– This standard 52-card deck can be used for many games like Casino, Poker, Blackjack, Solitaire, Bridge….
– Also contains joker cards and a plastic cutting card.
– Select among several patterns for the back of the cards.
– Optimized for HD games.

-There are only 4 tris in each card.
-All card images are inside a single 2048 x 2048 pixel texture.
-Only 2 ‘draw calls’ no matter how many cards are used…

PBR Toys Pack – Free Download

PBR Toys Pack – Free Download

This pack contains different fine and aged PBR toys:

– Basic Blocks (Rectangle, Cylinder, Triangle. blank, red, green, yellow, blue);

– Alphabet Blocks (Fine and Aged);

– Wooden plane (Fine and Aged. blank, red, green);

– Wooden Train with Trolley (Fine and Aged. blank, colored);

– Crayons (6 colors);

– Toy Pyramid (separate rings);

All textures are 2048×2048…

Mobile Color Grading – Free Download

Mobile Color Grading – Free Download

This is an optimized ACES filmic color grading and tonemapper for mobile That will help you to apply ENB graphics mode into your current games

+ Trigger based switch between profiles or settings

Also you can buy Mobile lighting box to have full control over your mobile lighting and optimize the game size and performance with few clicks: Mobile Lighting Box

+ Works well on most low-end devices that’s not supported by other Unity Color Grading !!!

– Filmic ACES tonemapper (uncharted 4 )
– Vignette
– Contrast
– Gamma correction
– Saturation
– Color balance (RGB)

note: Only gamma color space is supported on android devices

note: Only work on multi pass on VR

Also is available in Mobile Lighting Box..

HQ Photographic Textures Grass Pack Vol.1 – Free Download

HQ Photographic Textures Grass Pack Vol.1 – Free Download

This Pack contains of 80 Unique High Quality Grass Textures directly settled for using in Unity 5 (Alpha Blending adjusted, Perfect Background Color & Alpha Transparency).

Most of the files are in 2K(2048×2048).

By using the Unity 5 Native Builds, Terrain Editors, Grass Shaders or any others Assets, the Textures are compatible and can be edited too in your own 2D/3D Softs.

Important: The Screenshots below are made with others Assets, only the Grasses are included on the Pack.

Enjoy using them in Unity Games!..

Horizon[ON] – Free Download

Horizon[ON] – Free Download

Horizon[ON] is an all-round solution to make your horizons look great, even on small terrains. Terrains usually have to be much bigger than the accessible area, just to hide the square shape of your world. Horizon[ON] will extend your terrain as far as the eye can see.

With the latest update the visual fidelity has been upped to a level that is on par with, or even surpasses, current AAA productions. Your performance most probably even gets better by using Horizon[ON], since you don’t need huge and expensive terrains just to fill your backgrounds.

Works with unity terrains or mesh terrains.

Horizon[ON] is used extensively in the featured “Made with Unity” game D.R.O.N.E.

Horizon[ON] 1.4 needs Unity 5.6.3p4
Horizon[ON] 1.2 needs Unity 5.2.1
For upgrading to a newer version please uninstall the old version first!..

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