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Moba UI Kit – Free Download

Moba UI Kit – Free Download

A great UI for your MOBA game. If you want to create an AAA-Looking MOBA game and need an UI? Than that is what you looking for. This UI contains a Start, Shop, Settings, Lobby and Hero Selection.

The scenes in this Asset are pre-made and ready to use.
Featuring 4 Prefabs – all functional. Just drag and drop them into your scene and replace the Images as shown in the Document.
Some Artwork is not included in this Asset!

A free Font is included: Roboto

Overview of what’s inside:
· Many Graphics in PNG.
· 4 Demo Scenes ready to use (Just replace Images and Script the function).
· Full HD 1920×1080 UI.
· Well organized Assets.
· An Adobe XD File. (Free Adobe Software)
· A free Font.
· Modular Asset – create your own screens without graphic design knowledge!


· Start Screen
· Lobby Screen
· Shop Screen
· Settings Screen

Please read the .txt ‘s in the Editor for legal informations…

Virtual World Framework – Free Download

Virtual World Framework – Free Download

The Extremality Virtual World Framework provides you an affordable toolkit to quickly build multi-user, multi-platform, responsive virtual worlds on any web browser, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Enabling you to communicate more effectively with your audience. This set of scripts can save your hours of time and allow you quickly learn how to build your own virtual world based applications

Turn any website into a virtual world
You can turn any website into a virtual world using WebGL and collaborate in real-time with users on Android, iOS or Desktop platforms.

Mobile and Tablet Support
You can create multi-user app for your smartphone and tablet that can communicate in real-time with other smartphone and tablet users as well as WebG and desktop users. The UI is responsive so it resizes for each device and includes an example of how to add the standard asset mobile controls

Requires Photon for Unity (PUN)
We have integrated the Photon Unity Network(PUN) with examples on how to select scenes, select different characters that spawn into a room, room chat, and synchronized objects. Support for Photon Chat and Photon Voice coming soon. Also the network scripts are event driven and designed in a way that we can add support for UNET in a future release…

Terrain To Mesh – Free Download

Terrain To Mesh – Free Download

Tool for converting Terrain to mesh.

• Ultra fast converter.
• Vertex count control.
• Chunking system.
• Splatmaps exporter.
• Basemap exporter (diffuse and bump) *.
• Heightmap exporter.
• Tree exporter.
• OBJ file exporter.
• All above works in editor and run-time.

Includes shaders for blending 2 to 8 textures. Shaders support mobile (Unlit and One Directional Light), Legacy and PBR shading models.
Shaders are Curved World compatible.

Lightweight Render Pipeline shaders can by purchased separately.

Tool is already included in Mesh Materializer asset.
Scripts are packed in dll.
Basemap baking works only with Unity built-in terrain shaders…

Spine Animator – Free Download

Spine Animator – Free Download

Animators hate him! FImpossible Games discovered revolutionary new algorithm to create spine chain animations for animals and creatures without any effort!

Spine animator is component which animates your skeleton’s spine bones accordingly to movement without loosing any keyframed animation motion. It’s simulating real animal-like spine movement without any need of additional animating or coding.

This component will make your animations look much more real and AAA like without spending a lot of time for making decent animations of walking / running with rotation to sides by your creatures and without spending a lot of money for animator to create this animations.

Another benefit from this procedural animating is that all movement of bones is continious, when your object is rotating, spine is fitting to movement all the time, so you can finally make your snakes, millipedes and other creatures animate like they’re real!

Community Thread Link
Visual friendly user manual

Main features:
● Includes interactive demo scenes
● Includes full source code
● Easy setup and incredible effect
● Fully cooperating with keyframed animations
● Not needed any coding
● Visual friendly inspector window with helpful features
● Highly customizable
● Very high performance
● Blending with original animation..

Shuriken to Spritesheet – Free Download

Shuriken to Spritesheet – Free Download

Easily convert your Shuriken particle systems into high-resolution spritesheets AND/OR single-texture sprites!

● Create NEW assets!
● Multi-select and nesting is supported.


For previews, support, suggestions, and general discussion for this asset, check out the official Unity forum support thread!


Simply select your particle system(s) and a camera, setup the output resolution, frame sizes, and simulated duration, and that’s it!

NOTE: It’s important that to get perfect colour transparency your particles use alpha blended shaders.

Transparency with colours for particles with additive shaders can only be approximated using the built-in controls. If you’re using a particle system with just additive shaders, you can disable transparency to preserve colouring and use an additive shader with the output spritesheet. This will re-enable full transparency (black == 0.0).

Because you choose which camera to render with, you have the option to add in post-effects such as BLOOM, BLURRING, and MORE using any image effect!

● Suitable for both 2D and 3D effects. ..

Shader painter – Free Download

Shader painter – Free Download

Shader Painter is still in BETA. Not all features are available. The price will increase with every BETA update. Buy it now at a reduced price.
Any suggestions ? Help us shape this tool to your needs!

Shader Painter is a pixel painting tool which let you paint advanced materials effects.
More that a simple vertex tool, Shader Painter allows you to add extremely details shapes on a single polygon.
Some of the features :

– Paint advanced PBR shaders effects
– Pixel painting which let you paint detailed shapes on very low poly models
– Multi layers support (3 layers)
– Merge and Export painted maps
– Multiple ID materials
– Skinned mesh support
– Specular/Gloss and Metallic/Rough workflow
– Import custom brushes
– Simple interface to get a clear overview
Shaders already available :

– Standard
– Standard Multi Layers
– Standard Cutout
– Water
– Water Dx11
– Wind Dx11
Upcoming major improvements :

– Substance support
– Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) support
– Brush/painting optimisations
– Animation Editor support
– New shaders and new effects
– Brushes library
And so much more.

Documentation included…

RPG FPS Game Assets for PC Mobile Industrial Set – Free Download

RPG FPS Game Assets for PC Mobile Industrial Set – Free Download

Hi everyone, my name is Kutcenko Dmitry i am 3d artist and game developer about 12 years

I started develop this pack assets for help indie game developers, and everyone who loves to create FPS or RPG games for mobile or PC platform, and appreciates the quality of content

Whats new in the 3.0 pack?
Add new Demo scene Map_v2
Add new Pipe sets:
Pipes_set_v1 (8 new prefabs)
Add new Hangars:
Hangar_v2 (10 new prefabs, 2 with interior)
Hangar_v5 (21 new prefabs)
Hangar_v6 (4 new prefabs)
Hangar_v7 (1 new prefabs)
Add Bags_on_pallet_v1 (2 new prefabs)
Add Support_set_v1 (39 new prefabs)
Add Fans_v1 (2 new animated prefabs)
Add new Skybox (1 new texture)
Add Smoke particles (1 new prefab)
Add new textures for Cargo_container_v1 (2 new textures)
See the Screenshots and videos for more details

Features of this pack, very low polygons count, and optimized geometry

All prefabs have the correct orientation
Position/rotation – Set to 0
Scale of all prefabs – Set to 1

Over 150 elements for fast create your own RPG/FPS level for PC or Mobile platform.(ready for mobile)
2 Demo scene about 50 000 – 75 000 triangles.(ready for mobile)

not include:
player hands
ambient sounds

For best batching, use “Mesh Baker”

If you have any wishes and suggestions, please leave a comment, for improve the quality of content Do not forget to bake lightmap

Use and Enjoy 🙂 ..

Pixel Art Fonts – Free Download

Pixel Art Fonts – Free Download

As used by major indie titles like Night in the Woods & Pirate Pop Plus!

Pixel Art Fonts is a collection of 8 unique hand crafted fonts, that require no plugins to use!

Designed to stay razor sharp at different canvas sizes, these bitmap fonts work natively with Unity Canvas UI and Text Mesh (meshes can be resized with no blurring).

Suited for all pixel art games and more!

Fonts can even be fully outlined (No scripts or plugins required.)

Character sets supported as shown in screenshots (all fonts have punctuation, “Help” & “Rope” support Latin-1 characters (West European languages such as French, Swedish etc.)..

PIDI – XFur Studio – Free Download

PIDI – XFur Studio – Free Download

XFur Studio was a finalist of the Unity Awards 2018 for Best Artistic Tool

XFur studio is the ultimate solution for fur in Unity. This system comes with everything you need to add realistic, high quality fur to any 3D model or character in minutes.

Packed with features, fully documented and including tutorials and detailed explanations, XFur Studio is the only tool you need to add incredible fur to all your games.

IMPORTANT : This tool is NOT compatible with any SRP features nor are there plans to support them in the near future

Features :
– Support for advanced wind effects
– Support for dynamic snow and rain
– Support for movement and animation influenced physics without any need for a rigidbody!
– Fully managed LOD module
– Advanced shadows that display and affect every fur strand
– Profiles based fur management
– Per-instance parameters
– Multi-material support
– Multi-coloring support
– Color randomization
– Improved VR, OpenGL and Forward compatibility
– Advanced fur shaders for forward and deferred pipelines with support for shadows, anisotropic highlights, double sided fur, triplanar projections and more.
– *Full lighting and shadows support in deferred and forward pipelines
– Includes a fully functional 3D fur painting tool that allows you to add fur and control all its settings by painting directly over your model’s surface…inside the Unity Editor!
– Fur can be groomed in any direction all inside the Unity Editor!
– Fully compatible with all Unity PostProcess effects.
– Support for advanced PBR features such as global illumination, light and reflection probes, etc. (light probes are not available on deferred mode)
– Full support for static and skinned meshes
– Several quality levels included for a perfect balance between quality and performance
– Compatible with DirectX, OpenGL and Stereoscopic rendering
– Full user manual and documentation included
XFur Studio is the perfect solution to add realistic fur to all your characters and creatures without any need for additional tools, troublesome texturing processes nor difficult to set up shaders.

IMPORTANT : Multi-directional grooming is a Beta feature and it may change its workflow in the next few versions as it becomes more stable. Shadows can be very demanding when used in forward rendering. Use carefully

Note : This tool has been developed for mid-high end devices. A Pixel shader 3.0 level hardware is required and a dedicated graphics card is heavily recommended.

For mobile projects, we recommend XFur Studio Mobile..

Line Renderer Pro – Free Download

Line Renderer Pro – Free Download

Tired of line renderer always facing a camera?
Need an easy way to create bridges, rivers, tracks and many more?

Line Renderer Pro is here to help you!

With this powerful, easy to use tool, creating the line-shaped figures will become super simple!

– creating lines based on points
– works for both 2D and 3D
– customizable line size and color for each line segment
– comfortable scene and inspector editor
– provided with documented source code
– comes with 5 examples of usage

Line Renderer Pro parameters:
– smooth connections factor
– option to loop line
– single or double sided mesh faces
– scaled or unscaled material length ..

Beast – Free Download

Beast – Free Download

Beast is an advanced tessellation shader integrated into Unity’s Standard shader and offering:
• Four type of tessellation:
1) Fixed
2) Distance Based
3) Edge length
4) Phong
• Recalculation of dispalced Normals and Tangents.
• Supports lightmapping and global illumination.
• Fully compatible with Unity’s post processing and image effects.
• Faster shadow caster pass with controllable tessellation LOD. ..
Stats monitor – Free Download

Stats monitor – Free Download

Stats Monitor is the most feature-packed and customizable FPS counter and performance measuring tool on the asset store!
It offers an easily deployable tool that provides an abundance of features such as various framerate-, memory-, and system information to test your Unity game project. multi-hotkeys, touch surface controls and customizable look are only a fraction of the features…
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