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Ultimate Fog of War – Free Download

Ultimate Fog of War – Free Download

ULTIMATE FOG OF WAR is a complete Fog of War solution for any kind of game. It is highly customizable, reliable and easy to use. Thanks to threading, it is also very fast and enables you to use hundreds of Units even on mobile. It comes with all necessary Shaders and only requires a few clicks to set it up. For games that don’t use Terrain, it is possible to set up ULTIMATE FOG OF WAR with only a few lines of code.

How it works:
First you have to define an area in which Fog of War will be calculated. Every REVEALER in this area will ‘cast light’ onto the map. The light can be blocked, using STATIC, HEIGHT or DYNAMIC BLOCKERS. The result will be stored in a global texture that Shaders can use to darken or lighten Objects. This is more precise than using a plane to display fog while being faster than projected Fog of War.

All necessary Terrain Shaders are included in this bundle:

-Terrain Shaders (Diffuse, Standard, Specular)
-Terrain Details
-Speed Tree & Speed creator

On top of that, the documentation contains a SHADER ADAPTION GUIDE for Vertex and Fragment programs and Surface Shaders. New Shaders can be created using the provided SHADER TEMPLATES…

uIntelliSense Unity API Assistant – Free Download

uIntelliSense Unity API Assistant – Free Download

Note: JavaScript/UnityScript is not supported.

uIntelliSense brings all the power of IntelliSense code hints to your Unity C# code.

Have you ever forgot the exact meaning of some method parameter, or stumbled upon a method you’ve never used before? Don’t you think that searching through Scripting Reference is way too much work when all you really have to do is to hover over the code with your mouse?..

And this is exactly what uIntelliSense is about, providing useful hints for the Unity API – descriptions for types, variables, methods, method parameters etc.

Once you’ll try it, you’ll get used to it immediately. It is extremely helpful and time-saving, especially if you are a beginner who doesn’t knows the Unity API very well.

Second part of uIntelliSense is a Visual Studio extension for Visual Studio 2012 and newer, for even better experience: in-IDE integrated Scripting Reference browser, Quick Search for Unity API and more! See details in the PDF manual below…

UI – Builder – Free Download

UI – Builder – Free Download

Do you need core UI Elements to start building your first Game or App? Are you a professional and want to speed up your workflow? No matter your experience, we have EXACTLY what you need!

» Unity Awards 2015 Finalist »

200+ Sliced Elements | 130+ Pixel Perfect Icons | 1 Font with 10 Styles | 70+ drag’n’drop components | 30+ Classic App Examples | 23+ Fundamental Game Examples | 3 iWatch Examples | 20+ Color Schemes | 9 HD Photography Images | 10+ UI Animations..

Translucent UI – Free Download

Translucent UI – Free Download

Translucent UI is highly optimized solution for adding translucency to your UI images. Very easy and quick to integrate. Just put one script to your main camera and one to your canves and you are set and ready to use.

Features :
* Blur behind UI elements.
* Blur whole background scene.
* Blur can be done with different kernal size.
* Blur can be done with user defined no. of iteration.
* Transparency of ui image can be changed.
* Greyscale value can be used to convert blurred background in black and white.
* Brightness can be adjusted accordingly.
* Highly optimized.
* Works with mobile devices but not very old devices since blurring the scene is not a light weight task.
* Easy and quick to integrate.
* Easy documentation.

Supported on all platforms. Tested on windows, mac, ios, android, webGL…

Town Constructor Pack – Free Download

Town Constructor Pack – Free Download

This is a huge Town Constructor Pack for creating your own town.

Package includes:

1) 100+ modular parts. Allows you to construct various types of city assets (ex: buildings, road patterns, etc.)
2) 50+ high quality street props
3) 11 base architectures
4) 33 premade buildings for fast city building or individual use
5) 11 ultra-low resolution buildings for Background use
7) Demo scene..

Tile Grid Level Loader – Free Download

Tile Grid Level Loader – Free Download

The ultimate Level Loader script with free future updates!

Multi-purpose high quality script containing useful functions ultimately suitable for any game genre.

With Tile Grid Level Loader you can easily load your levels from textfiles. Using different characters enable the translation into gameobjects which are spawned in the game scene.

+ Highly customizable
+ Text file loading
+ Nice looking Load-Delay (NEW!)
+ (Upcoming Unload-Delay)
+ (Upcoming Tilemap-Support)

Price increases over time as quality and game genre coverage improves

Affordable script for commercial games and for rapid prototyping of new ideas…

Skele Character Animation Tools – Free Download

Skele Character Animation Tools – Free Download

As we’re working overtime for our indie game project, the support task for Skele Package is suspended until 2018/12/31, we’re sorry for the inconvenience

Make Skeleton & Vertex Animations right inside the Unity Editor.

Compatible with Unity2017 Now

Skele: Character Animation Tools significantly speeds up animator/indie’s animation workflow in several ways:

1. Enable developers to make / modify character animations in UnityEditor. Reduce software switching and tedious import/export/split work

2. [BETA] Integrated Timeline editor Greatly accelerate authoring productivity for complex multi-character scenes (cutscenes / finishing moves / etc)

3. Mesh-Morpher tools to make blendshape-like animations without bones

4. Export skinned meshes and animations as DAE archive

5. Utilize the clips you bought from store, modify them to your needs, convert clip type, export to external softwares, etc.

6. Constraints system working in both edit-mode & game-mode.

7. Spline Editor to edit movement path…

SimpliCity Extra Roads & Bridges – Free Download

SimpliCity Extra Roads & Bridges – Free Download

Free content update:
– added 4 bridges

SimpliCity Extra Roads & Bridges is an addition for Starter Kit road parts to expand your city and create advanced infrastructure.
Asset pack contains 85 modular pieces:
roads, road turns and cross roads, highways, bridges, overpasses, road transitions, footbridges, storm drain system, dividers, railings and much more.
All models share single texture and material, texture atlas resolution is 1024×1024.
Assets are low poly and can be used in mobile applications…

Simple UI – Scroll View Extensions – Free Download

Simple UI – Scroll View Extensions – Free Download

The Scroll View Extensions drastically extend the utility of the Unity UI Scroll Rect.

Smooth and eased snapping (works great whether dragging using touch, mouse or scroll wheel) and user input dependent animation make it possible to use the Scroll Rect in a wide range of scenarios such as level menus, item menus or interactive maps.

Features :

• Focus the Scroll Rect on any element within the Scroll Rect
• Great control over snapping (animation, inertia etc.)..

SCIFI Tower Defense Pack 2 – Free Download

SCIFI Tower Defense Pack 2 – Free Download

Art pack for creation of Tower Defense, RTS, TBS, MOBA levels.

Pack includes:
16 tanks
12 turrets
5 Bonus Turrets
83 environment objects
Demo scene
8 terrain textures

Tower Defense Pack 1 Tanks, turrets and props textures are 4k.
Albedo, normal, ambient occlusion, emission, smoothness, metalness. Terrain textures are 512 – 1K

Pro version needed only to make post effects and shadows in demo scenes working.

Mobile Friendly…

RPG Farming Kit – Free Download

RPG Farming Kit – Free Download

NOTE: Coding experience is required to properly expand this package.
it is not meant for users that have no programming knowledge or users that have just started out.

Role Playing Farming Kit is a Template for Unity 3D. It is created to expand and learn from.
Removing a lot of the legwork you have to do beforehand.

When installing, make sure to:
* Install packages: TextMeshPro and Cinemachine
* In case 4.x Equivalent error shows up, restart Unity. (Only happens at first launch)
* Place all files from the Assets/Upload folder to the Assets folder…

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