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Filmic Tonemapping Deluxe brings a powerful and easy to customize tonemapper to Unity. It is based on a true flexible and intuitive H&D sensitometry curve calibrated for games instead of a unadaptable low quality approximation used by most other tonemappers (ACES approximation, Hable, Photographic, …).

It will make your game and scene look more physically accurate by adding depth to the colors where it matters.

Since version 1.2, a high quality histogram based eye adaptation effect have been added. This effect is able to simulate how human eyes adapt to lighting while keeping an optimal contrast and white point.

Compatible with unity 4.6+ and Unity 5

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* Easy to customize dark colors (toe) and bright colors (shoulder)
* More physically accurate than most tonemappers
* HDR Filters (saturation and sharpness)
* LUT support for color grading
* Optimized GPU code

* Natural light adaptation
* Keep an optimal contrast between colors
* No unstable flickering exposure
* Optimized GPU code with two performance profiles
* Real-Time histogram visualization

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