Sci Fi Top Down Game Template – Free Download


V 1.8 Features:

* Added Objectives Manager inside Levels with:
* Kill Objective
* Destroy Objective
* Collect Objective
* Reach Objective
* Resist in zone Objective

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V 1.7 Features:

* Added Main Menu
* Added Character Selection
* Added Lives to the player. Now you can continue from last position using “lives”
* Level Manager and Level End Zone (you can get to the “Finish” and complete a level)
* One Shoot health for the player option
* Load new level saving player stats (health, weapons, ammo, etc..)

V 1.6 Features:

* Added Melee weapon mesh and grenade weapon mesh
* Improved mele animations
* Added Basic walls and models for prototyping
* Pick ups now show Text about the pickup (weapon name, etc..)
* Post process preset added to resource folder
* Weapons sounds added
* Usable device basic mesh added
* Enemies are using LOD1 now (better performance)
* Updated and improved player HUD (Now shows weapon name)
* Blood now only shows on “Object” layers
* updated unarmed run/sprint for melee weapons
* Spawners now can spawn more than 1 enemy type (Spawners)
* Pick ups color selector and text now need to be set by PrPlayerSettings Scritable Object.

V 1.41 Features:

* New Survival Mode
* Friendly AI (simple follow and stand in place).
* Quick Reload for weapons (timed event)
* multiple bug fix and update to 2017.2
* Easy character prefab creation
* Arm IK: Weapon grip upgraded
V 1.3 Features:

* Local Multiplayer
* optional Split Screen.
* NEW Blood VFX splat.
* Ragdoll Death
* Beam Weapons
V 1.2 Features:

* Added Automatic Turrets.
* NEW Tower Defense AI.
* NEW Tower Defense Demo Scene.
* Team check in bullets (Friendly Fire).
V 1.1 Features:

* Added melee weapons for player and enemies.
* Enemy & player creator tools. Easy to create a player or an enemy using another prefab as a reference.
* Simple aiming weapon IK to point the weapon exactly to the target.
* Always aiming switch. To use it in twin stick shooters where you want to be able to shoot any time.
* Rootmotion and NO rootmotion working better.
* Weapon list now editable in an scriptable object-
* Weapons now can shoot multiple bullets in a perfect arch distribution

V 1.0 Features:

This is a Top Down shooter template project, including a lot of components and assets to start a Top down shooter game in seconds.
It`s been made very simple and accesible so anyone can use it.
The player moves relatively to the camera view, and aims with the mouse or the Right Stick of the joystick.
You can pick up items, activate panels, open or close doors, destroy actors, throw grenades and more…
Weapons are fully twekeable, with parameters like FireRate, Bullet speed, acceleration, divergence damage, and so…
Bullets are managed with a simple pooling system.

AI works using nav meshes and a simple waypoint system, hearing player sounds like shooting or footsteps and using distance and angle of view to control if they chase you, aim you, or attack you.

– Soldier character model, with customizable colors by shader.
– 2 weapons models (Pistol & Rifle)
– Lots of animations.
– Complete character controller and Inventory script using mouse & keyboard or Joystick to control the player
– Fully customizable Weapons component, where you can change from Fire Rate to Accuracy (divergence) and selectable bullet prefabs, velocity, how many bullets per shot, and more…
– Four PREMADE weapons (Pistol, Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Shotgun 😉 )
– Player HUD: Health, Stamina, weapons stats (weapon icon, bullets and clips counters)
– Objective radar included on player (Direction and distance)
– Standard camera Rig following player smootly with parametric camera shakes for shooting and explosions
– Pick up actor for items (Weapons, keys, Health or Ammo)
– Automatic Doors, lockeables and customizables (singles and doubles)
– Interactuable panels to use in different situations, like opening doors, or activating anything in the scene.
– Basic Enemy AI using waypoints and Unity Nav Meshes
– Enemy Spawner component, with basic parameters like Spawn rate, max spawn, spawn area, and more…
– Waypoint route component to create the enemy waypoints routes easily, assigning transforms to an array and visualazing everything you need in the editor

Unarmed set
Crouch walk

Pistol set
Crouched walk
Walk Aiming in 4 directions
Crouched Aim
Crouched Shoot

Rifle set
Crouched walk
Crouched Aim
Crouched Shoot
Walk aiming in 4 directions

Generic set
Jump (3 states)
Throw granede Roll

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