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Ultimate Match-Three engine is most powerful Match-Three engine for Unity, that you ever seen. It contains not only classic Match-Three gameplay, but Match-Chain and Match-Click mechanics too. These is three most popular gameplay in this ganre.

The project has many possibilities for customization. There is powerful Level Editor, which supports an extentions – simple abstract classes, that allows to add new functionality in the editor. It will be useful, if you decide to create new content for this game, such as new type of bombs, new level target or even new match-three gameplay. Now it is pretty easy, because the source code became very clear and flexibility.
It also has a very beatiful cartoon graphics, that were made by a professional. And simple and structured UI system, which allows to research it and replace if necessary. The level map looks alive because of parallax effect. You can create a similar map using the same components.

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● Match-Three – player needs to swap two adjacent chips to make a row of three or more chips. This can be a horizontal, vertical row or both (cross combination). When a player makes a combination with four or more chips, he creates a special bomb.
● Match-Chain – here player must to draw a line of chips of the same colors. When the line it too long, it clears the level field from all chips with the same color.
● Match-Tap – player simply clicks on the areas of chips with the same color to crush them. If the area is is lange, it make a special bomb.
All descriptive chips can be used in all gameplay mechanics that written above, except of “Gray” bombs.
● Simple Chip – the regular kind of chips. It has colors and doesn’t make any special effects after destroy.
● Simple Bomb – the colored bomb, that can be exploded and crush all neighbor chips.
● Cross Bomb – the colored bomb, which destroys all chips and obstacles with the same row or column.
● Horizontal Bomb – it works as the Cross Bomb, but it clears only horizontal line of chips.
● Vertical Bomb – it removes vertical line of chips similary.
● Lightning Bomb – it looks like the Simple Bomb, but it is sparking. This bomb crushes of chips with the same color.
● Cake – this is uncolored bomb. It can be destroyed by exploding another bomb, or by mixing it with with another chip. The Cake remove all chips with one of existing colors.
● Jam – the smart colored bomb. It tries to find a most juicy place in the level field and to hit it.
● Pearl – the chip with universal color. It can be matched with any color.
● Stone – the obstacle kind of chip. It doesn’t have a color and it can’t be exploded. This is an obstacle. It can be crushed only by crushing of one of adjacent chips.
● Lava – the same thing as the Stone, but it is flaming! The Lava makes new instances of itself each move, if player don’t crush the Lava.
● Ingredient – special kind of chips. It is necessary for the Ingredient goal mode.
● Lifebuoy – special kind of the Simple Chip. It is an exclusive for the Flood goal. When player crush it, it increase a flood level.
● Gray Bomb – the analogue of the Simple Bomb, but it doesn’t have color property. This is a special kind of bomb for the Match-Tap gameplay.
● Horizontal Gray Bomb – it is uncolored kind of the Horizontal Bomb. The exclusive for the Match-Tap gameplay.
● Vertical Gray Bomb – the uncolored kind of the Vertical Bomb.
All kind of matchable chips can be mixed. There is a special type of content that called Mix. You can create a pair of chips and set certain Mix for them, it will allow tot mix these chips during the gameplay. It is avaliable only for the Match-Three and for the Match-Tap gameplays.
Here is some example of mixing effects:
● Cake + Jam – Cake don’t crush all chip on of the possible colors. Instead of this Cake transform all these chips to Jam and activate them.
● Horizontal Bomb + Simple Bomb – The line with Horizontal Bomb will destory will have 300% thicknees.
● Lightning Bomb + Lightning Bomb – this effect clears the whole field.
● Jam + Cross Bomb – The Jam bomb explodes as the Cross Bomb when it is falling to the target place.
● And Much More…
● Sandwich – simple multilayer blocker. It can have four layers maximum.
● Lock – colored blocker, that can matched as a chip to destroy. It has matching counter, so we may to say that it is layered too. And it has max 99 layers.
● Ice – beautiful single layer blocker. It emits instances for each move, if player is not crushing it.
● Undead Blocker – only for level layout. Allows to make undestroyable slot in the field.
Slot modifiers is a special kind of content. This is everything that can’t be called as a chip or a blocker.
● Teleport – this slot will teleport all included chips to the target slot, as soon as the target slot will be empty.
● Water – very interesting modificator. It kills all included chips for each moves. “Kills” mean that it just hide it, witout effects of destroying and without score bonuses. Just “plop!” and “goodbye!”.
● Chip Generator – this modifier make slot never be empty. When player crush a chip in the generator, or this chip falls into another slot, generator creates a new chip with random color. You can setup it – to set what kind of chips to generate and with what probability.
● Glass – makes slot covered into the glass. It is layered and can have max 3 layers. This is an exclusive for the Glass Goal.
● Ingredient Holder – the slot that destroys the Ingredient chips. An exclusive for the Ingredient Goal.
There is possible make a level with few goals. So you can just imagine all variety of these.
● Star Goal – player needs to reach full bar of score. And to get all three stars.
● Collection Goal – there is a few colored target. It will be reached as soon as player will crush certain count of chips of certain color.
● Ingredient Goal – lower the ingredient chips down to the bottom of the field.
● Glass Goal – to crush down all Glass slots.
● Stone Goal – to destroy certain count of Stone chips.
● Sandwich Goal – to destroy all layered Sandwiches.
● Flood Goal – to fill whole the field with water.
These is all content without certain format. Everything that extend the level features. This is a special type of content too.
● Antigravitation – this extension allows to change chip falling direction for each slot. Must-have feature for most levels.
● Walls – allows to make walls between slots, that makes impossible to move any chips between them.
● Dialogue – the large feature for the level, which allows to show small-talk dialogues between in-game characters in the begin of the level. Irreplacable feature for create gameplay-tutorials.
Boosters, that can be choosen before level start:
● Extra Moves Booster – allows to start the level with five additional moves.
● Pearl – it generates new Pearls on the field each few moves.
● Paint – it paints many chips in one color at level start.
● Surprice – the box with random booster.
And boosters which can be taken during level is playing:
● Firework – removes all chips with selected color.
● Glove – it removes one selected chip.
● Tornado – it changes the place of all possible chips. Very helpful when the field doesn’t have any useful movements.

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