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The Pixel Platformer Engine features a truly tight & responsive (non-physics based) character controller with pixel perfect collision support. It’s very fast and works on any platform and it’s been constantly updated to bring you the features you want and need to help you create a truly memorable platformer game with really fluid and fun gameplay.

It seeks to help in the creation of any platformer game offering most of the common & advanced features you will need while also focusing on making your platformer game “Feel” Good using different advanced techniques learnt from other successful games such as Super Meat Boy, Celeste, TowerFall, etc.

It features a tight, responsive & easily customizable character controller for your game. Besides offering full tilemap support and a professional pixel-art tileset and character allowing the game designer to create carefully hand-designed levels in a matter of minutes.

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V1.0 Full Features List:

Pixel perfect collisions & Movement support.
Basic player movement (idle, run, jump, wall jump & slide).
Advanced player movement (variable jump, dash, fast-fall).
Responsive Controls (jump buffer, jump grace time, wall sticking, Squash & Stretch).
One-Way platforms.
Moving One-Way platforms & Blocks (horizontal & vertical).
Crush entities with moving blocks.
Springs & Spikes.
Falling platforms.
Level Entry & Spawn Point.
Pickups Example: Dash Refill/Refresh.
Basic particle examples (dust effects).
Player death with room fade-in/out.
Fully working professional pixel art tileset & character with animations.
Example Scenes created with Unitys built in TileMap & 2D Extras.
Full Documentation in PDF explaining how everything works from the player controller to full level creation guide & 1500 + Lines of very well commented code.

V1.1 Full Features List:

-New Full TileMap with more tiles.
-Health System.
-Melee Attacks (hitboxes).
-Ranged Bow Attack (projectiles).
-Enemy with basic AI.
-Sprite Flashing.
-2 new Shaders (Sprite flashing & Sprite Outlines).
-Falling Platforms.

V1.2 Full Features List:

-Drop from Oneway Platforms.
-Crouching / Crouch Slide (Customizable friction while in the sliding state).
-Ledge Grab.
-Ledge Mount (Climb a ledge after grab).
-Objects Push (Push Blocks).
-Zoner AI (Crawl up/down/left/right on walls).
-Pickup Example (health potion/heart).
-Smooth Camera Follow

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