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A complete Mesh deformation, animation and Morphing system including over 50 modifiers such as Bend, Twist, FFD, Displace, Taper. They can be stacked in any combination and any number of modifiers can be applied to a mesh to achieve complex results. Objects can stretch, squash, morph or be bent over of deformed, whatever your imagination allows.

The morph system is the most advanced available for Unity. Recent additions to the suite include Point Cache animation support, a physics based rope system and a dynamic water ripple and floating object system. MegaFiers is written in C# and all source code is included, also it makes use of multiple CPU’s for amazing performance and works on all platforms and with the Free version of Unity.

Compatible with Unity 3, 4, 5, 2017 and 2018 and works on IOS and Android and all other Unity platforms.

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Also included is an advanced spline system which also allows for path following or conversion of splines to meshes, a dynamic hose system and a system for tracked vehicles, and an advanced mesh wrapping system for applying clothing etc. to deforming objects.

Compatible with all versions of Unity
New Feature РNow works with Text Mesh Pro meshes.
New Feature РImport OBJ sequences

Included Modifiers
– Attractor Bezier
– Bend
– Bubble
– Bulge
– Collision Deform
– Conform
– Conform Multi
– Crumple
– Curve Deform
– Curve Sculpt
– Curve Sculpt Layers
– Cylindrify
– Deformable
– Displace
– Displace Limits
– Displace RT
– Displace WebCam
– Dynamic Ripple
– FFD 2x2x2
– FFD 3x3x3
– FFD 4x4x4
– Globe
– HIt Deform
– Hump
– Melt
– Morph
– Noise
– Page Flip
– Paint
– Path Deform
– Pivot Adjust
– Point Cache
– Push
– Radial Skew
– Relax
– Ripple
– Rolled
– Rope Deform
– Rubber
– Scale
– Selection Modifiers
– Simple Test
– Sinus Curve
– Spherify
– Squeeze
– Stretch
– Taper
– Tree Bend
– Twist
– UV modifiers
– Vertex Anim
– Vert Noise
– Warps (Warp versions of most modifiers)
– Wave
– Waving
– World Path Deform

Other Features Include
– MegaShapes Lite, full Bezier spline and meshing system
– KML, SVG Spline Import
– Custom Spline exporters for Maya, Max and Blender
– MegaGrab for very high res screen grabs
– Attach Objects System
– Wrap mesh, Great for clothing
– Animated Book
– Paper Scroll System
– Bezier Patch Image deform
– Spline Path Follow system
– Dynamic Hose system
– Tracked Vehicle system
– Train Follow System
– OBJ sequence import and playback

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