2DDL Pro : 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows


Build AAA quality 2D Lights and shadows effects for your amazing games. ** Radial or Spot. ** Very easy and intuitive inspector, you can prototype in a second. ** “What you see in Editor is what you get in the game view”, so you don’t need worry about surprises in the final result. ** Smart detection of new objects, just drag your sprite with any collider2D to see shadows right away. ** Visibility on Field of View with events interception. So simple as drag your GameObjects into the right list to be detectable. ** Alpha Mask in Fog of War techniques. Let the player see what you want. ** Light effects customization with a lots of built-in Add-Ons. ** URP (LWRP) support and Legacy support. Aside URP, you can work with standard render pipeline(Legacy) and you don’t need to be attached to work in URP like Unity 2D light system does. ** Normal maps support (generator included!). **Our Support is 24X7. We have a ticket system like Unity support has, so every question is answered and never lose. If you have a question, even silly, don’t worry, just ask! Description: 2DDL PRO is a tool that craft procedurally a Light system for 2D Environment. 2DDL works like a real Light in 2 dimensions.The Mesh Renderer is constructed taking into account the obstacles(Casters) in the scene. Because is a Mesh, you can pick any shader from this package o built your own. 2DDL is totally dynamic, this mean that you can re-arrange lights and obstacles, and the final result is affected in real-time; or you can choose a Pre-Baked Light and thus avoid the calculation in each frame. NO CODE required. If you’re starting using Unity, pick up from menu and 2DDL will start working immediately. If you are a Pro Developer, it can be so flexible as you want. WebGL Demos

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