3D Character Pack (4 characters) LuciSoft


Get 3D Character Pack for your projects This package contains the following 4 avatar characters: > Eldra Character prefab Polycount: Verts: 16223 Edges: 33152 Faces: 16947 Tris: 32168 Uvs: 17938 > Eve Teen Witch 01 -Polycount: Verts: 17736 Edges: 35834 Faces: 18113 Tris: 35006 Uvs: 18967 > Eve Teen Witch 02 -Polycount: Verts: 15943 Edges: 32320 Faces: 16393 Tris: 31566 Uvs: 17074 > Grey 00II00 -Polycount: Verts: 21975 Edges: 41607 Faces: 19744 Tris: 39102 Uvs: 37395 > Grey 00II00 no face -Polycount: Verts: 14006 Edges: 27322 Faces: 13366 Tris: 26346 Uvs: 26375 > Grey 00II00 no hair -Polycount: Verts: 14916 Edges: 29090 Faces: 14222 Tris: 28058 Uvs: 27406 > Grey 00II00 no visor -Polycount: Verts: 21926 Edges: 41525 Faces: 19710 Tris: 39034 Uvs: 37346 > LCRG Alien gray 01 avatar -Polycount: Verts: 2679 Edges: 5403 Faces: 2734 Tris: 5338 Uvs: 3146 > LCRG Alien green 01 avatar -Polycount: Verts: 2679 Edges: 5403 Faces: 2734 Tris: 5338 Uvs: 3146 2048 X 2048 Textures with Albedo, specular and normals map. This package contains 9 prefabs of 4 characters each with its respective material and texture, the textures are in 2048 X 2048 resolution in PNG or PSD format,albedo, normal, specular, the models have a humanoid skeleton compatible with all humanoid animation that your projects may need. > Also contains a book, a broom, a magic wand and a spell texture. Note I: this package does not contain animations.. Note II: this package needs double shader specular material.. I hope you enjoy these fun characters.

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