All Freedom Club events, catalog updates and more

March updates

Despite the controversial international situation, border closures,  worries and some technical difficulties, all updates have been completed in full!

Maybe not everything depends on us, but not a little. And if everyone does everything in his power, this will change the world. That was the intention of our Freedom club, and now it is acquiring a new meaning for us.

May these difficulties not divide all of us, but only make our unity stronger.

Good luck to all of you! Take care of your health and the well-being of your family.

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February updates

With your help, the project continues to develop!

We update the assets in the database, and also made special additional sections for our community members.

  • Over 20 new assets uploaded to the general directory
  • Added another PRO video tutorial
  • Up to date versions of 14 assets  are available in the Special Updates section

We will continue in the same spirit and try to be even more useful to you!

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January updates

We finally finished with finalizing the main engine of our site and added new functionality (as promised) – video tutorials.
While the section is in test mode, we are improving design and usability. So now we are waiting for your feedback and comments! In the near future we will actively fill it.
In general, it remains for us to conduct another serious revision of the site engine and we can move on to regular and systematic placement of content.
We plan an update schedule – once every two weeks.
We are very sorry that we had to slow down the speed of website development for a while, but this was due to reasons beyond our capabilities.

Separately, we want to thank everyone who supports us. We are glad to feel your help and receive your messages. You give us an incentive for the further development of the project despite the many obstacles that others are erecting on this path.

Thank you again!

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December updates

We finally finished working on the main functionality of the site and carried out the first update of the database.

Some work still remains, but we will deal with it in the near future.

Having been developing games and applications for more than 5 years, we have already forgotten how to make websites, so we ask for your patience and understanding )

So what we did in December:

  1. Minor improvements.
  2. Member panel update.
  3. More than 30 new assets in database.

Also in December, a new section on video tutorials is expected.

In addition, we received reports on some bugs related to the caching of site pages due to increased traffic. We also plan to introduce a restriction on the access of unregistered users in order to improve the usability for our respected community members.

All members of our community receive detailed information by email and are always up to date with the latest updates.

Stay tuned!

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