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Time of Day is a package to render realistic dynamic sky domes with day and night cycle, realistic celestials, dynamic clouds and physically based atmospheric scattering.

– Physically based sky shading
– Rayleigh & Mie scattering
– Highly customizable
– Sun and moon god rays
– Aerial perspective

– Full PBR & HDR support
– Realtime ambient light
– Realtime reflections

– Physically based cloud shading
– Semi-volumetric cloud layers
– Dynamically batched cloud billboards
– Adjustable wind speed & direction
– Configurable coverage and shading
– Correctly projected cloud shadows

Time & Location:
– Dynamic day & night cycle
– Adjustable time progression curve
– Full longitude, latitude & time zone support
– Full Gregorian calendar support
– Realistic sun position
– Realistic moon position and phase
– Realistic star constellations

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Performance & Requirements:
– Extremely optimized shaders & scripts
– Zero dynamic memory allocations
– Supports shader model 2.0
– Supports all platforms
– Supports linear & gamma color space
– Supports forward & deferred rendering
– Supports HDR & LDR rendering
– Supports virtual reality hardware
– Supports single-pass stereo rendering

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