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The Starfighter is a single-seat, multirole fighter, that excels at interception and escort missions. The cockpit is completely detachable and doubles as a maneuverable escape pod, essentially a mini spaceship. A number of animations are included, providing abilities such as the folding out or retracting of landing gears, the folding of the wings and more.

This asset is quite detailed and created with an eye towards current and next-generation needs in the gaming, VR and real-time film spaces.

While not specifically advertised as a modular asset, the Starfighter is built from and provided as 10 parts:
* main + interior + main landing gears
* front + interior and front landing gear
* back + interior
* wings + interior
* escape pod

Each of those 10 parts has its own texture-set and material.

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Having the inside parts separated allows you to not render them, if you choose to have the front and back parts attached. This saves texture memory and avoids rendering unnecessary polygons.

At the same time it’s giving you the flexibility to get more out of the asset as well as giving us the flexibility to extend the asset in the future.

Materials for The Starfighter are provided in form of substance .sbsar files, which contain procedural materials allowing for significant customization. Default Materials using Unity’s standard shader are also supplied. All materilas are utilizing PBR.

* 2 main, plain material choices – painted metal and plastics
* a mix of both, where the plastic parts act as accents to the painted metal parts
* a 4th camouflage material
* emissive controls for each
* parametric dirt
* deferred decals for the placement of custom graphics

There’s prefabs for The Starfighter in different assembly variations.

302 objects in total, hierarchically structured.
* 66K tris in total
* 21K just outside parts
* 3.5K just escape pod
Textures sets, resolutions
* 2048×2048 main, main_interior, main_interior_gears, front, front_interior, back, back_interior, wings, escape_pod
* 1024×1024 wings_interior
Textures – all provided in .png
format * AlbedoTransparency
* MetallicSmoothness
* Normal
* Fluting (Normal)
* Emissive
* AO
* Curvature
* substance specific masks
* Substance .sbsar (procedural) – for all outside parts
* default materials (static) – for all outside and interior parts
* 12 base clips
* 30 clips, if masked out clip separations are included
* 72 clips, if reversed clips and masked out clip separations are included
* unity animated escape pod ejection for demo purposes

All textures provided in .png format.

Unity 5.3 is the “substance parity” release, meaning it’s visually consistent with what artists create in Allegorithmic’s Substance products. The Starfighter will work in earlier versions of Unity too, but we’d advice you to use a GGX shader nonetheless to achieve the highest visual quality.

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