Teddy Bear – Free Download

One low poly animated Teddy bear with 7 skin textures, tshirt with 9 textures, a ribbon with 6 textures and a hat with 5 textures.
Resolution from 512×512 to 2048×2048.

Vertices / faces:
bear 1166/2198
tshirt 200/352
ribbon 98/192
hat 48/78

Humanoid avatar

21 prefabs and 21 prefabs with ragdolls

25 animations: idle1, idle2, idle3, idlesad, walk, run, jump, jumprun, clap, wave, sit, sitidle, standup, fall1, fall2, freefall, land, turnR45, turnR90, turnL45, turnL90, walkbackwards, runbackwards, runin, brake from 23 FBX files.
Rootmotion and inplace versions.

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