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Update 2.1 is LIVE
1. Performance up to 5x faster. 2. 4 LOD Stages for each model. 3. Correct custom made colliders for every model. 4. Unity 2019 Full Support. 5. LWRP & HDRP Versions Inside (with Color Grading setup) and much more.

Medieval Kingdom is a next-gen PBR 3D modular art package which contains 900 fully customizable prefabs to create your own RPG or RTS Game with First Person or Top-Down View. This pack gives you infinite possibilities to randomize each building, map and element using models & shaders that blend with each other using color masks. Works both with unity 2017 & 2018. Package contains SRP Lightweight ready shaders.

All that packed into one easy-to-use package that comes with 20 Example Scenes, 20 Custom Material Shaders (Including LRP), Water Shader Pro, High-poly models comes with 3 steps of LOD, Light Shaft Shader, 4k Textures, Color Grading Profiles. Perfect for desktop, consoles, AR, mobile & VR!

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What’s Inside:

—————— Example Scenes ——————

▲ Huge environment consisting of 9 maps which will give you better understanding what you can achieve using Medieval Kingdom pack
▲ 10 Maps which show you modularity of this pack and all elements
▲ 1 Mobile Scene Included

—————— Models & Prefabs ——————

▲ 40 Buildings made using modular elements described below to show you the full potential of modularity
▲ Buildings’ Modular Elements and Variants —— Chimney —— 19 // Decoration —— 24 // Fills & Arcs —— 19 // House Extensions —— 137// Market Structures —— 16 //Roof Window Extensions —— 60 // Roofs —— 64 // Stairs —— 10 // Tower Modules —— 7 // Walls —— 336 // Doors —— 8
▲ Effects (VFX) & Particles —— 8 Window & Portal Shafts made using custom shader // Fire Embers // Flame Particle Effects // 7 Variations of Fog Volumes // 5 Variations of Leaves Particles // Rain // Local Lamp & Window Spark Particles
▲ Props & Decoration Elements 100+
▲ Market Food —— Apple // Beetroot // Carrot // Cheese Big // Cheese Small / Meat // Pumpkin
▲ Rocks, Mountains & Stones —— 10 Variants of Huge Stone Rocks // 5 Variants of Background Mountains // 35 Ruins Rocks & Stones // 2 Magic Stones // 13 Decoration Stones // 2 Stone Walls // 3 Stone Bridges
▲ Vegetation (All animated using Custom Vertex Shader) —— 43 Trees Variants Including 6 Unique Types of Trees // 23 Bushes // 4 Flowers // 33 Grass & Ferns // 10 Ivy’s

—————— Materials & Textures ——————

▲ Each Custom Material is created to give you a lot of possibilities to change the look, Procedural Blending of Extra Details on Roofs, Extra Dirt on Leaves, Roughness Blended with Normals is included in almost each shader to give you maximum freedom
▲ Each model comes with Material Variants & with PBR structure
▲ 4k Textures for each material PBR material channel AO, Roughness, Normal Map, Height Map, Detail Masks
▲ Textures fully Compatible with Unity Standard Shader

—————— Shaders & Scripts ——————

▲ Fully Customizable Water Shader Pro with 3 examples of different looks (will be included as a separated package to buy soon)
▲ 10 Custom Shaders which have been used to build all materials inside this package – Fully Documentation on ▲ Documentation
— beffio Base Shader // Fabric Shader // Fire Shader // Ground Blending Shader for Vertex Paint using Vertex Paint Tool from Asset Store // Parallax Shader // Faked Light Shaft Shader // Trees Shader // Vegetation Shader // Water Shader —— Vegetation, Trees, Fabric Shaders, comes with Vertex Displacement Animation with all settings to bring them to life with highest performance —— Water comes with features like Animated Stylized Waves, Foam, Depth Color, Depth Transparency, Smoothness level, Vertex displacement, Normals Blends, Waves tiling & speed, Edge Fade, Caustics with Parallax Effect, Distance Fade, Faked Realtime-Reflections using Reflection Probes & Physical Based Reflections using Camera Projection —— *All shader comes with separated shaders which were wrote to work with unity 2018 SRP Lightweight Render Pipeline.
▲ Tree Swinger for animating Trees & Float objects on Water to simulated “floating” effect of object on water
▲ Object Part Explode Script to quick & easy animated and explode objects at runtime

—————— Animations ——————

▲ All Trailer Camera Animations Included
▲ 3 Part Explode Building Animations
▲ Trees, Grass, Ivy, Bush, Ferns, Leaves Animated using Vertex Displacement Shader


▲ easy to use – drag & drop workflow and you’re ready to go
▲ Modular Workflow
▲ ready-made presets for quick preview of different look
▲ constant updates and new features
▲ active development & support
▲ clean & unique modern style

Technical aspects:

▲ Triangle Count:
—— Example Tree Poly Count [ LOD3 200 // LOD2 1700 // LOD1 5000 triangles ]
—— Example Huge Stone Poly Count [ LOD3 390 // LOD2 650 // LOD1 1300 triangles ]
—— Example Wizard House Poly Count [ LOD3 2300 // LOD2 4000 // LOD1 7000 triangles ]

Each element has been carefully crafted with in-game use optimization in mind. Everything has been optimized for games: polycount, textures, UV maps atlases etc. This asset will work easily with mobiles & PCs, but keep in mind that while creating example Scenes in Unity we were focusing mostly on standalone version. That’s because example scenes includes a lot of elements. Unity3D:

This asset was fully created in Unity3D engine. All elements are will work with latest standard shader, Shuriken particle system, Animator for animations & each element is packed into prefab, so you can just drag’n’drop.

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