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You control a monster that has fallen into an unknown world and need to eat the magic balls to survive! You need to collect balls, collect time bonuses and avoid bombs, by managing the monster. The game is endless: the game speed gradually increases, which greatly increases the complexity of the game logic.

The game offers four types of bonuses, which differ in color and speed of the fall. For each bonus, the user receives one point. There are also bombs in the game, if you will catch it, you lose and return to the main menu of the game. By collecting the magic balls, the hero grows in size, which complicates the further logic of the game. The game has a limited amount of time, equal to 20 seconds, after which you will lose if will not catch the time bonus.

Asset is complete in terms of programming and graphics. It is very easy to do reskin. Flawless graphics, great sound and easy control will allow you to enjoy the game space!

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