Dynamic Starry Sky – Free Download


Create a custom twinkling sky!

This is a fast single-pass skybox shader that dynamically renders a fully customizable starry sky with animated twinkling stars and moon!

Works on Mobile and Desktop!

You can customize:
– Star images
– Moon image
– Density of stars
– Color or stars
– Twinkle speed of stars
– Rotation speed of stars
– Size of stars
– Horizon color
– Sky color
– Adjustable horizon position
– Custom cubemap for background
– 3 adjustable star layers
– HDR color boost, to help stars glow

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This skybox shader supports all Unity platforms (Tested on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and HTML5).

The most recent version has a greatly reduced file size requirement. We now only require 750KB added to your game!

3 demo scenes:
– Outer space demo scene
– Gradient background demo scene
– Custom cubemap demo scene

Setup is as simple as drag-n-drop into your scene! Supports using the standard Unity skybox, or simply drag our prefab into your scene.

Dynamic Starry Sky requires shader model 3.5 or higher. This means we support DX11+, OpenGL 3.2+, OpenGL ES 3+, Metal, Vulkan, PS4 /XB1 consoles.

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