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Cinema Pro Cams is an industry standard toolbox to aid in the creation of accurate, real-world cinematic/film cameras inside of your Unity or project (Unity 5 , 2017 or 2018 and above). The perfect tool for game developers or film professionals who want to make sure their projects have that Cinematic look and feel of real world film lenses that will help to further immerse the player or viewer in your story.

Cinema Pro Cams is perfect for:
– Film/Movie/Commercial/TV/3D Animation previsualization (previz) using Unity.
– Creating real-world cinematic camera effects for cutscenes in game projects.
– Making Machinima movies.
– Learning the ins-and-outs of camera behavior and technology, camera settings and how those settings affect the final image.

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We have worked with industry professionals such as ARRI, Cooke, and SIRT ( to bring a real world, accurate tool set for both 2D and 3D stereoscopic camera/lens combinations.

Features include:
– Industry Standard Cooke Prime Lens Kit (12mm to 180mm).
– Accurate real-world Nodal Point Offset calculations to lens selection.
– Options for metric and imperial.
– Industry Standard aspect ratio selection.
– Aperture (F-Stop) settings and its effect on camera image.
– Near and Far Depth (DOF) calculations.
– 3D Stereoscopic camera support with rigs.
– Live, dynamic camera preview during camera creation and editing.
– Shake Cam movement and settings for camera motion during run-time.

IMPORTANT: The free version of Unity 4 does not support the following functions due to the lack of image effects supported (This does not apply to Unity 5 and above):
– Depth of Field, Aperture settings.
– Live Camera Preview.
– Interlaced and Anaglyph 3D modes.

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