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an Android Plugin for Unity3d that will help you access features on Android devices with in unity3d.

This plugin will speeds up your work and saves a lot of time compare on creating your own plugin which requires learning, researching, coding and testing on how to make things work.

Supports Unity3D 2017 and 2018 version only

List of Features:

Note: Does not extend UnityPlayerActivity

Note: For C# Lovers only


* Added getting multiple images at the same time
* Added setting up calling package on Speech Recognizer
* Added new Local notification features
* Can get Android ID used for Admob test
* Added Image Crop for Profile Image
* Added Sending SMS

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1. Local Notification
2. Screen Shot and Share Image
3. Share Text
4. GPS
5. Speech To Text
6. Text To Speech
7. Immersive Full Screen Mode
8. Voice audio recorder with modify pitch
9. Get Android package id at Runtime
10. Get Android version at Runtime
11. Get Battery Life Percentage
12. Get Time
13. Flash light
14. Normal vibration
15. Vibration with pattern
16. Native loading UI
17. Native Rate my App Popup
18. Native Alert Popup
19. Native Toast Message
20. Set One Time Alarm
21. Set Repeating Alarm
22. Set Alarm with Interval
23. Camera – Take Picture using camera and then share
24. Image Picker – get image from device and then share
25. Get Existing Texture from unity3d and then share
26. Download Image from web and then share
27. Get Android ID
28. Get Telephony Device ID
29. Get Telephony Sim Serial Number
30. Get Android Advertising ID
31. Generate Unique ID
32. Get Wifi IP
33. Get Wifi SSID
34. Get Wifi BSSID
35. Get Wifi Rssi
36. Get Wifi Speed in MBS
37. Get Wifi Signal Strength
38. Check if Wifi Connected
39. Check if Mobile Connected
40. Check if Wifi Connection is Fast
41. Check if Mobile Connection is Fast
42. Text To Speech Set Locale ex. US,UK,Japanese (20 selections)
43. Text To Speech Set Pitch
44. Text To Speech Set Speech Rate
45. Text To Speech added Events OnStartSpeech,OnDoneSpeech and OnError
46. Get Account Name(depends on device)
47. Get Account Email(depends on device)
48. Get Account Phone Number(depends on device)
49. Get Contact Name(depends on device)
50. Get Contact Phone(depends on device)
51. Create Folder on Pictures or DCIM Directory
52. Get Picture Directory Path
53. Get DCIM Directory Path
54. TTS get available locale on device
55. And a lot more

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