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The ultimate AI system and combat kit for Unity. Craft complex AI without a line of code. With a few clicks, your people, wildlife, vehicles, zombies, etc instantly come alive!

What can you make? Combat agents (simple/light, or advanced), flying units, car racing AI, RTS units, tactical AI, companions, advanced wildlife, birds that flock, and more! One AI tool to learn for ALL your projects! Use AI Designer over and over, for any game, genre, AI need.

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Key Features:
+ Visual Behavior Editors – no coding!
+ One-Click AI Setup from menu
+ Easy integration w/ other assets
+ FPS Shooter demo w/ Controllers
+ TONS of demo scenes
+ Combat System (Melee/Ranged)
+ Complete Health System + Auto Heal
+ Armor & Shields + Auto recharge
+ Object Pooling System (modular)
+ Advanced Weapons System
+ A* Pathfinding (Integrated w/ NavMesh)
+ Simple or Advanced pathfinding options
+ Advanced AI Move Controller
+ Goals & Needs
+ Built-In Dialogue System
+ A.I. Emotion & Feelings
+ Built-in Tactical Behaviors
+ Unlimited Factions
+ Supports Racing & Flying
+ Visual path editor for patrol paths
+ Procedural Animation Blender
+ Footsteps Manager
+ Mobile-ready
+ Editor extension is precompiled optimized DLL for speed
+ 3rd Party Ready:
(UFPS, Invector TPC, +more)
+ Extend with API & Scripts

Simulate Daily Life: More than combat AI! The goals/needs system lets you create NPCs with unlimited custom goals and unlimited actions, all without code. Each NPC’s needs are managed automatically in the background – you just set the rates and how often needs arise.
Examples: Animals: (Needs) Hunger & Thirst. (Actions) Hunt objects tagged as “food” or find nearest water when thirst levels reached. City dwellers: (Need) Daily jobs / go to office. (Action) Find path to office building. Peasants: (Need) Chop trees. (Actions) Find nearby tree, move to it, play effects until need for wood decreases. Flag Carrier: (Need) Capture enemy flag. (Action) Find enemy flag object & move to it.

Visual Editing All AI agents have their own behavior editor right in the Unity Inspector, along with all your other components. Use this editor to build complex behavior, all without coding. Waypoints, patrol paths, cover spots, and more can simply be drag/dropped around your scene!

Essential Tactical Behaviors: Flee, wander, patrol, take cover, call backup, and more. All built-in! You just tweak some settings.

Targeting Strategies: Agents can prioritize targets (e.g. pick enemies with lowest health, pick enemies with highest priority rating, etc)

Companion Behaviors: Built-in companion abilities can follow and protect your human players as companions, attacking enemies along the way. Perfect for RPGs!

Emotions & Dynamic Dialogue: The built-in dialogue system lets AI dynamically pick responses depending on their feelings towards the player, affected by the player’s actions. (e.g. if the player steals from the AI, it will trigger negative speech). Supports multi player responses! (your players can select reply choices that in-turn affect how AI replies)

Combat & Weapons Built-in weapons system supports projectile-based weapons, hit-scan sniper weapons, melee weapons, and area-damage weapons such as grenades.

What’s In The Box?
+ The AI Designer Pro system
+ Visual editor tools
+ FPS team vs zombies demo (Playable)
+ Many demo scenes (sword battle, shooters, racing, dialogue, and more!)
+ Preset Templates for many AI types (wildlife, combat, vehicle, etc)
+ Many example bots to drop into scene (just swap model & anims)
+ Sample integration scripts
+ Special Camera System (AI POV, spectator, follow, etc)
+ Free pre-made prefabs and assets for fast prototyping
+ Special procedural animation blended Zombie setup
+ 90 page PDF User Manual (and growing)

How Does It Work?
1) Use our one-click menu to auto-setup AI on any model.
2) Use the easy visual editor to build actions without code. Simply set your conditions (e.g. “If target is within 15-35 range…”) and set the actions to play (e.g., “run to cover”).
3)Use the special Effects-Builder (again, without code!) to create runtime effects like physics forces, spawn particles, play animations and random sounds, and more. This ties in with your AI behavior to easily generate special effects! (e.g., spawn dust at feet when running to cover)

How to Integrate?
Integration is simple! You can either use the built-in damage sender component with health system (works with human player prefabs too), or use your own custom damage function that can be triggered by the system. If you’re using a Third-party visual scripting tool, simply use that tool’s function caller to call a single function: TakeDamage(amount)

For any genre: Companion AI for RPGs, advanced weaponry for Shooters, dynamic melee combat for Medieval battles, procedural zombie motions for Zombie games, emotion-driven dialogue for immersive games, vehicle AI for racing, Needs system for wildlife sims & survival games, the list goes on…!

For Rapid Prototyping: One-click setup from scratch or drop pre-made bots into scene in minutes!

For Commercial Games: Not just for prototypes or hobbies! AI Designer was engineered with commercial game development in mind: Fast workflows and iterations, multi-platform high performance, and a special event system with API for 3rd Party integrations. Bring your game to market faster than you could ever imagine!

For Artists & Developers: Artists without coding experience can setup AI in a few clicks (knowledge of basic Unity concepts required). Developers can use the API to create extremely advanced integrations and significantly reduce development time.

For Wildlife & Animals: Simulate animal behavior by defining any custom need like thirst or hunger. The animal will automatically seek food and water objects.

For Warriors: Melee system turns any weapon model into damage senders. Create spectacular medieval battle scenes, zombies, and more.

For Shooters: Ranged attacks driven by advanced projectile weapon system with burst-fire mode, grenades, and special effect slots ready to go.

For Tactical AI: Jump over rooftops, hide in cover, call in backup, and advanced targeting priorities.

For Simple Vehicles: Acceleration/motor and wheel-spin system can simulate simple vehicle behavior.

For Simple Aerial Units: Not just for grounded characters! Create units like planes and birds that fly or flock in the air.

For Simplicity: Setup simple AI in minutes – simply swap out models and animations.

For Complexity: Use premade templates and create complex behaviors using the Visual Editor.

Networking Ready: Each AI agent is a self-contained prefab, just like human players. It’s straightforward to sync position data. Just turn off all random functionality. (Multiplayer demo/tutorial NOT included)

For Third-Party Assets: Unique event system and Unity’s SendMessage makes Third Party integration very straightforward. Includes simple tutorials for third-party integration and specific tutorials for UFPS and Invector’s Third Person Controller. Should work with any Mechanim model on the Asset Store.

For People Who Love Bonuses: Bonus weapons, bonus FPS scene, many pre-built bots (just drop into scene & swap models): swordsman bot, shooter bot, car AI, flying bot, and zombie behavior with procedurally-animated zombie animations.

For You: You don’t have years to learn AI and you simply want a system that works out of the box. You don’t have time to figure out how to make AI behaviors from scratch – you want it handed to you in an easy-to-understand manner. You want tons of example scenes for fast learning. You want straightforward integration with all your other 3rd party assets. You want a chance to compete with the big players who have entire teams working just on AI. Friend, you need AI Designer Pro!

Fast Workflow:
1) Drag raw model to scene.
2) Click “Create AI”
3) Tweak factions, weapon slots, other parameters, custom behaviors

Experience Needed? You need a basic knowledge of Unity (prefabs, gameobjects, animations, colliders, Mechanim setup, etc). Most things are done in Unity Inspector, so no new windows or node editors to learn. Optional C# beginner knowledge needed if you prefer coding.

Beta Notice: This product is in Beta. Future updates to this product are free for current buyers even when beta pricing increases.

What’s the difference between our AI products?
AI Designer Pro Originally intended to be named “Silver AI 2” with all paid addons included. Completely rewritten and received an enormous upgrade. The original Silver AI package will be updated to include both Silver AI and AI Designer Lite (an upcoming version).
Silver AI The predecessor to AI Designer. It was a low-price package with paid addons for purchase. AI Designer has been completely rewritten and is not backwards compatible (we sent out a notice months ago about this).
Advanced Battle AI A PlayMaker-only AI kit where the entire AI engine is editable as FSM graphs.

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