60+ Painterly Terrain Textures


Create gorgeous terrains! Whimsy Lab proudly brings you this masterfully hand-painted collection of over 60 perfectly-seamless terrain textures, ideal for bringing your games beautiful and rich terrain environments: – Over 60 stunning terrain textures/splat maps – Rich terrain soils and earth in various hues – Forest floor terrains with leaves, twigs and roots – Clover and grass terrains – Wildflowers, jasmine and forget-me-nots – Beautifully painted terrain cliff faces – Stones and terrain mosses – Impressionist terrain variants of above – 512×512, clean and perfectly seamless terrain textures – Instructions for learning terrain painting This collection of painterly terrain textures features grasses peppered with grass, clover flowers, vibrant forget-me-nots, scruffy rough grasses, mossy stone and painterly rock surfaces, cliff faces teaming with life, soils and sand and earth roads. The Painterly Terrain Texture collection is the perfect way to give your terrains and models classical, beautiful, deep and rich hand-illustrated charm. Perfect for an RPG, JRPG, platformer, third person action adventure game, stylized FPS or any cartoon environment which uses terrains or terrain-like geometry. Don’t settle for the plain textures included in Unity’s sample assets and terrain assets, make your game stand out with Painterly Terrain Textures!

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