2D+3D Infinite Runner Engine


2D+3D Endless Runner Kit from the maker of the Corgi Engine The Infinite Runner Engine is a highly customizable, optimized and easy to use solution that will provide you with everything you need to create your very own endless game. It comes with a lot of complete examples (platformer, lane runner, etc…). Completely mobile/touch ready, it’s never been this easy to create endless games. Full list of features Documentation Android demo on the Play Store Complete game on the AppStore Support Form Discord What does the Infinite Runner Engine do ? – Create the endless game YOU want : the asset comes with tons of common use classes, easy to customize for your own needs – Optimized for mobile, great performance, recycled objects, works great everywhere! – Built-in examples : the Infinite Runner Engine comes packed with tons of complete games, assets and classes, ready to use! – Handles all the hard work : achievements, object pools, spawners, camera controllers, game status, events, multiple characters, pickable objects, highscores and so much more! – Super easy to use : tweak the engine core objects straight from the inspector. Plus – Complete documentation of all the classes, the entire codebase is commented, and here’s a video tutorial. Whether your idea for an endless runner game is a sidescrolling, fast paced runner like Canabalt, curved runner like Ski Safari or Tiny Wings, or maybe a 3rd person view game like Temple Run, this asset’s got you covered. The Infinite Runner Engine comes, as a gift, with Nice Touch and MMFeedbacks, two other More Mountains assets. Important : Due to too many people gaming the system, there will be no refunds anymore, unless you haven’t downloaded the asset.

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