2.5D Shmup Template


With this kit you can build your Shoot ’em up game without write a line of code. Official discussion DEMO Features: – mobile and desktop controls – don’t need programming experience – timer mode – true scrolling that can also rotate, change direction and speed – primary fire modes: autofire or charge shot – incremental primary fire power – secondary weapons (consumes energy): * Laser * auto-targeting missiles * force field * melee attack – Bonuses: * live * energy * change secondary weapon * increment primary fire – enemies: * proximity mine and timer mine * ground units * turrets: fixed, rotating, moving, auto aiming (can shot laser or machine gun like) * obstacles destructible or indestructible * chain ships emitters following a path (with emitter manager to time-coordinate them) * BOSS with multiple destructible elements and different tactics Note for Unity versions before 2019: In order to enable the fancy visual effect, you need to use the Post Processing Stack (FREE)

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